TELEHOUSE is a high-tech, high-quality carrier-neutral data center provider. TELEHOUSE offers not only colocation service but also total ICT solution such as cloud service, managed service, system integration, contents accelation services etc to meet customers' requirements utilizing KDDI group companies capability and the strong relationship with partners.



TELEHOUSE knows that every industry is different and the companies within those industries are all unique and the way their IT infrastructure is set up and managed will reflect this. Our colocation service ensures that we can construct your ideal solution in line with your power needs and budget.

Remote Hands

Included in any colocation services package from Telehouse, we provide unrestricted access to a highly skilled, experienced team of support engineers.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Preparing contingency plans to ensure your company can continue as normal in light of an unexpected event is of paramount importance. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure to TELEHOUSE you are gaining over 20 years’ experience of the provision of resilient platforms and procedures that have never failed a customer.

Regional Services

TELEHOUSE offers variety of regional services to meet your requirements.

Design & Development Consultancy

Our Consultancy Services team have delivered over 3,000,000 square feet of Mission Critical space to a portfolio of some of the worlds' largest enterprises.
No matter the size, scale, complexity or location of your project we will seamlessly integrate into your business environment and provide a natural extension to your in-house teams with flexible, economic, articulate and experienced professionals.