Quick preparation for operation base in the local area is very important for manufacturers to expand business globally.

TELEHOUSE provides total solutions around your Network and Datacenters. From IT infrastructure construction to monitoring your network and servers 24/7. TELEHOUSE even has the ability to purchase IT equipment such as servers and PCs, and provide LAN connectivity.

TELEHOUSE solutions save time and reduce costs - achieving business expansion effectively maximizing your resources and IT investments.

Furthermore, a streamlined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) can be achieved by gathering servers together into TELEHOUSE data center. Especially in Asia, TELEHOUSE has datacenters in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam where many manufacturers have expanded to support and launch their business quickly.

Logistics and Trading

For logistics and trading companies, managing servers and IT equipment globally are important issues in terms of IT governance and observing compliance.

TELEHOUSE not only makes O&M more efficient by gathering servers together , but also standardizes operation policy of IT infrastructure that address IT governance and compliance.

The combination of TELEHOUSE physical infrastructure and carrier diversity makes for an ideal environment to host your private cloud or enhance your service provider offering.